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Roué (50) feels fitter than ever

Getting older

"There are things you can't control when you get older: your vision is diminished, you have to have reading glasses. A little pain here and a pain there. You can't get out of that.

At my age, being fit is very simple: I need to be able to get out of my bed in one go instead of twice. People who are not fit sit on the edge of their bed for a long time, and then they have to pick it all together to get up. Being fit in the base is: being able to go stairs, travel or run. If I compare myself to someone my age who is living less healthily, I'll come out better.”

Reading Glasses

“I needed reading glasses at one point. "Bring it on, I said." When my hair started to fall out, I immediately shaved my head. From then on I was just Roué with reading glasses and bald head. Before. Learning to accept older gives peace and space to work on the things you can deal with: keeping fit, thinking positively, eating and moving differently. Despite getting older, you can still improve your lifestyle and health.”

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